SZS Consulting Ltd.
Helping you to spend less on System Z Software

With direct experience in many hundreds of mainframe situations and subsequent contracts, SZS Consulting has an unmatched understanding of the ways an organisation can minimise mainframe expenditure. 

We can engage late in the process close to a contract signature, however early engagement (9 months or more brings maximum benefits).  Depending upon specific circumstances we would expect to reduce a clients' software spend by between 10% and 20% over a 3 year period.

All software licensing is complicated, but mainframe licensing terms and tarrifs are more complex than any other platform.  The reasons are both historical (the mainframe has been around now for almost 50 years) and necessary (to support the extreme virtualisation available in mainframe technology).  As a consequence there are are over 30 different license types / tariffs available just from IBM.

How many times have you concluded that your Mainframe Infrastructure costs too much? 

Isn't it time that you took a different approach?

Our Strategic Portfolio Management methodology combined with negotiating expertise could save you up to 30% on Mainframe SW costs, and up to 50% on HW

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Registered office: Yeomans, Preston Candover, Hants, RG25 2EE.  UK.